Riot at the capitol

I was watching the news of how people thought they could simply show up at the Capitol and recharged the results of the election. There are also people that went there with Kevlar vest and zip ties that had a plan in mind not knowing the repercussion they will face afterward it was over thanks to technology these days to see them on Live TV and identification of these people. What people doesn’t realized that they are an extension of the company like they are representing the company and their actions is their company’s reputation that why the stocks can have positive and negative impact based on the individual actions but it also have to alot factors. What did people think about when they stormed the capitol and then try to get on plane like nothing happen. People doesn’t realize that they broke several security protocol and stole artifacts but what got to me was that few people were dead that wasn’t a peaceful protest at all. If we want to do better at things we have to make difference without the violence and burning down the city.

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